By combining time-honoured know-how, technology and modernity, Limited Edition develops luxurious carpets from (or?) the finest natural materials. Weaving, tufting, dyeing, wool spinning.... all stages of the manufacturing process take place in the company's own spinning mill and factories, ensuring excellent workmanship and service from start to finish. All products are handmade in Belgium.

This 100% Tencel, tufted carpet gleams like stars and cushions like clouds. Astral truly is a magic carpet taking levels of luxury and comfort to dizzying new heights.

Available sizes

All sizes can be made to measure
Maximum size: 4,85 x 9,9 m

Composition & Production

  • Tuft
  • 100% Tencel
  • Available as broadloom and as rugs
  • Designer box
  • Organic shape
  • Residential use

Available colours

AR19615 Antartica New

AR0028 White New

AR12614 Bone White New

AR52646 Sand New

AR16625 Rice New

AR22616 Wood Ash New

AR36624 Warm Beige New

AR42623 Tan New

AR4664 Harvest Gold New

AR44622 Pecan New

AR10645 Mountain Spring New

AR19620 Mink New

AR24621 Pale Blush New

AR31619 Sphinx New

AR33643 Umber New

AR59618 Cinder New

AR35617 Vetiver New

AR25626 Menthe New

AR27642 Beautyberry New

AR0013 Montacilla New

AR0023 Almond

AR32487 Cumin

AR0003 Putty

AR11760 Pink Dust

AR41759 Ruby Wine

AR20768 Sky Grey

AR0022 Blue Stone

AR0004 Mineral

AR39786 Gunmetal