By combining time-honoured know-how, technology and modernity, Limited Edition develops luxurious carpets from (or?) the finest natural materials. Weaving, tufting, dyeing, wool spinning.... all stages of the manufacturing process take place in the company's own spinning mill and factories, ensuring excellent workmanship and service from start to finish. All products are handmade in Belgium.

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Sakura SA41599

In the Far East, the Sakura or cherry blossom has always symbolised fleeting beauty. Yet, the 100% sea silk composition of this luxurious rug allows its beauty to be preserved for decades. Available in no less than 7 different colours, with designs that suggest flowers on one day, and fluttering birds or other creatures on another. This means that you’ll never get tired of seeing it.

Available sizes

All sizes can be made to measure
Maximum size: 10 x 20 m / 32’10”

Composition & Production

  • Tuft
  • 100% seasilk
  • Available as broadloom and as rugs
  • Commercial use