Combining age-old craftsmanship with modern techniques and style, Limited Edition delivers high-quality rugs made of the finest raw materials. Weaving, tufting, dyeing, spinning wool... all steps in the process happen at its own mills and factories, ensuring top-notch quality and service from beginning to end. All products are made by hand in Belgium.

Available sizes

All sizes can be made to measure
Maximum size: 4,85 x 9,9 m


Composition & Production

  • Tuft
  • 51% wool, 27% linen, 22% silk
  • Available as broadloom and as rugs
  • This quality can be custom-shaped or custom-coloured
  • Rounder corners option available
  • Residential use

Available colours

DVP28953 Angora

DVP42974 Champagne

DVP36970 Sahara

DVP19955 String

DVP25971 Silver Blue

DVP11954 Cameo Rose

DVP31973 Ruggine

DVP39974 Iron