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At Limited Edition, we love a challenge. That is why our hand-tufted rugs are fully made to order. So let your imagination run wild and tell us your favourite colour, pattern or even rug height. We can’t wait to surprise our customers …

Colours do something to your interior … and to your mood, so the right shade for your rug is not something that should be decided lightly. Colour is our trademark, and above all our passion, so Limited Edition will inspire you with a professional palette of endless shades, from trendy to timeless. 

But do not worry: we will be happy to guide you through this world of colours. We secretly look forward to every occasion where we get to put together a personal rug with a customer. We love to mix and match until our rug becomes your rug and tells your personal story. Collections are not as much the result of following trends, they come into being by listening closely to what matters to our customers.

A rich imagination is very rewarding. That is why we do not only offer you every freedom in terms of colour – thanks to our own yarn dyeing studio – but also in terms of patterns, shapes, dimensions and materials: silk, wool, linen, cotton, bamboo, leather, etc. So, allow yourself to be seduced by floor covering with a story and you will soon own a unique, tailor-made, hand-tufted rug.